Salem Friends
of Felines

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    ADOPTIONS 2014:
2013: 1270
2012: 1296
2011: 1290
since 2004: 8519




We are a limited admissions, no-kill rescue that believes in helping every kitty we can, by ensuring it will not reproduce an unwanted litter of kittens and by also helping those that are abandoned, unwanted and homeless find a loving forever family home. Every life matters!  The ASPCA estimates that approximately 2.7 million healthy, and perfectly adoptable pets are euthanized each year.  Of that number 70% are kittens and cats. These numbers are heartbreaking!  With your help, we can prevent this from happening by helping reduce these numbers.

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Catsino Royale Tickets
We are excited to announce that we will be having two Texas Hold'em Tournaments at our event this year. Each tournament will last up to an hour and the winner gets an amazing prize!! There are only 10 seats available for each round, so buy your seat early. Seats will only be available for purchase at the event if a buyer doesn't show up or there are still open seats on the night of the event. You must purchase a regular admission ticket to enter the tournament. Your Tournament Ticket will be in your check in packet on the night of the event.
Round #1 Prize (Value $185.00)
2 Tickets to the University of Oregon Vs. Colorado Football game
Game day: 11/22/2014
Round #2 Prize (value Priceless)
An exclusive tour for 2 of the WildCat Haven Sanctuary next summer (2015) in their new location at Scotts Mills.
WildCat Haven is not open to the public; nor do they buy, sell, breed or exhibit their animals. It’s a philosophy they believe in and stand by for the safety and well being of the wildcats. WildCat Haven is not a zoo for people but a safe haven for the animals in their care.

Tournament Seating (only 10 seats are available for each round)


980 Commercial St. Salem, OR

503 362-5611