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    ADOPTIONS 2014:
2013: 1270
2012: 1296
2011: 1290
since 2004: 8437




We are a limited admissions, no-kill rescue that believes in helping every kitty we can, by ensuring it will not reproduce an unwanted litter of kittens and by also helping those that are abandoned, unwanted and homeless find a loving forever family home. Every life matters!  The ASPCA estimates that approximately 2.7 million healthy, and perfectly adoptable pets are euthanized each year.  Of that number 70% are kittens and cats. These numbers are heartbreaking!  With your help, we can prevent this from happening by helping reduce these numbers.

Adoptable Cats at Salem, Oregon Friends of Felines  7-13-2014

Adoptable Cats at Salem, Oregon Friends of Felines 7-13-2014

""A number of these guys are in our shelter because their owners have passed away. What a traumatic change for a kitty who was living in a home, to now be down in the shelter without the person they had come to depend upon for food, love and attention! Could YOU provide that to any of these nice cats?""


A Plea for Help ~ Foster Families Needed!

  Kitten season is in FULL bloom, and SFOF needs help! We need more loving foster families to help with nurturing, socializing and ensuring these sweet kittens get a healthy, stable foundation that will set them up for a long and happy life in their FUR-EVER homes. Won’t you please open your home and lend a hand?

  If you are interested, please go to our website @ and fill out the online application. The more foster homes we have, the more kitties we can save. Please help!


First Steps When You Find Kittens Outdoors

  When you come across outdoor kittens, you may feel the need to pick them up and bring them home with you, but that might not be the best thing for the kittens, or you. Here’s a link that might be helpful:


2014 Paws & Purrsonality Auction

  The date has been set for the 2014 Paws & Purrsonality event, our largest fundraiser of the year. The date is Saturday, Sept 27th in Cascade Hall at The Oregon State Fairgrounds. Be sure to save the date! Tickets are only $40 each.

  There will be a scrumptious buffet dinner and tasty drinks, along with a vast array of auction items and a fun-filled evening. This year we’re going to shake it up with a little help from Wild Bill’s Casino. More information about this important event will soon be on our website. Last year this fun event sold out, so be sure to buy your tickets early, as you’re not going to want to miss out on this one!

    If you are not able to attend this year, please consider supporting the event by donating auction items or being a sponsor. Please come and support SFOF!


Reasons Why Your Kitty Won’t Use the Litter Box


  Cats use elimination of urine (and sometimes feces) for communication – a kind of pee-mail, if you will. That can be a sign that something is wrong. Perhaps the litter box needs to be cleaned more often, the kitty may not care for the location, or kitty isn’t feeling well.  In the latter situation, your kitty is not being spiteful, she’s got a problem and you’ll have to figure out what it is, if you want it to go away.

   Punishing your cat for inappropriate elimination will not solve the problem. It will only teach her to fear you and avoid you, and eliminate when you’re not around. In fact, it can actually make the problem worse, since inappropriate elimination is often caused by stress, and punishment will only add to her stress level.

   When your cat eliminates outside the litter box, the first thing you should do is schedule an appointment with your vet, to rule out a health issue.  Once your vet rules out a physical problem, then you should start to unravel the problem by looking at what’s going on in your cat’s life.

   Recognizing the reasons for litter box issues and addressing the cause will help you find a solution to the problem. With understanding, patience, and persistence, most issues can be overcome.



Vaccine Clinics Coming

  We will be holding another vaccine clinic soon, so keep watching our website and Facebook account for more details. The August Monthly Meow will also publish the dates.

   The first 50 kitties can receive a FELV vaccine for only $5. Flea treatments, vaccines, exams and nail trims are $4 each.


  These clinics are possible due to the help of many volunteers and our supporting vet clinic, Willamette Valley Animal Hospital. Cats only, please, and cash only.

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